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Handgame pieces

Handgame Tournament Coming to the Shoshone Rose

Win Up to $4,000!

The Shoshone Rose Casino & Hotel is set to offer their first-ever Handgame Tournament, taking place in the resort’s large conference room, December 30 – January 1.

This traditional Native American guessing game, also referred to as Stickgame, predates recorded history, making it a long-standing tradition for numerous tribes in the United States and Canada. It is typically played with teams facing off against each other. Rules vary from tribe to tribe, but there is a “hiding” team and a “guessing” team, and they sit opposite one another, with two members of the “hiding” team taking a pair of bones and hide them, one in each hand, while their team sings, and uses traditional instruments (drums, sticks, rattles, clappers) to distract the “guessing” team. The “guessing” team must then guess which hands the bones are in.  For full details about this fascinating game, click here.

Tournament info is below, but feel free to call Michael Chingman at (307) 349-7805 for more details.

Tournament Setup

Friday December 30

Registration 4pm to 6pm
Three person teams
$25 per team
Single elimination
Starts at 7pm

Saturday December 31 – The Main Tournament
Registration 12pm to 1pm
3 to 5 person teams
$75 per team
Double elimination

1st place – $4000
2nd place – $3000
3rd place – $1000

Sunday , January 1st
Registration 11am to 12pm
Bone Hog Tournament
Starting at 1pm
Two Person Teams
$20 per team
Single elimination

This tournament is just one of the many activities going on at the Shoshone Rose Casino & Hotel over the New Year’s weekend. So come on in to central Wyoming’s newest place to stay and win big.